Upskill India Jan 2023

Course completed on 28-Apr-2023. No more classes or Mock Interviews.

Fees: Rs. 0.00 (INR Zero)

Training Started on: 23-Jan-2023

Experienced teachers, Live teaching and Guided practice are the most important components to impart skills to students. Mere recorded material is not at all sufficient.

Our great BhArath attained its intellectual peak, when highly committed gurus did not claim fee from students or parents. MerA BhArath MahAn.

Our mentors are highly experienced, practicing software professionals and change-enablers.

Upskill Jan 2023 aims to make students and job seekers, FULLY INDUSTRY READY, at the end of the program.

We will train the students in such a manner that a tech startup trains its own freshers.

Join Our Team

You will be trained in...

Full Stack Development

Angular Material, ReactJS, NodeJS, Postgres RDBMS, MongoDB, Github, Build Deployment, High performing and secure designs

Software Testing

Test planning, Test execution, Bug Tracking, Selenium Test automation tool, Python, JMeter Performance testing tool, Security testing tool

Analytical Reasoning, Softskills

Reasoning, Pattern recognitions, Maths, Equations, Reading, Writing, Emails, Status reporting, Team play

What is the duration, mode of teaching and evaluation?

4 months core classes + guided practice.
1 month full time project.
Total duration is 5 months.

Fully online. A laptop, good headset and a good internet connection are required.

Monday to Saturday. 6 days a week. (let us be serious about it)
11.00am to 03.30pm - Core subjects.
06.00pm to 07.30pm - Analytical reasoning, softskills.

Testing Stream:
11.00am - 11.45am: Core testing concepts - class.
11.45am - 12.30pm: Core testing practice.
01.30pm - 02.30pm: OS, Database concepts. After completion, core testing concepts will continue.
02.30pm - 03.30pm: OS, Database - practice. After completion, core testing practice will continue.

Development Stream:
11.00am - 11.45am: Core development concepts - class.
11.45am - 12.30pm: Core development practice.
01.30pm - 02.30pm: OS, Database concepts. After completion, core development concepts will continue.
02.30pm - 03.30pm: OS, Database - practice. After completion, core development practice will continue.

Both Streams:
06.00pm to 06.45pm - Maths, analytical reasoning.
06.45pm to 07.30pm - Communication, soft skills, team play, status reports.

Peer review techniques to learn from mistakes.
Weekly MCQ evaluation.
Fortnightly case studies.

Will we get recorded sessions?

Yes. All sessions will be recorded and uploaded in Open mentor site.

However, you will get the real experience, only when you attend our live classes and carry out the exercises.

Who can attend?

Any job seeker can attend.

Any college student can attend - arts, science, engineering, diploma.

Any college can attend and provide a big screen for students to attend.

Any individual who wants skill upgrade can attend.

Any fresher in any company can attend - provided your employer allows you to attend.

How to enroll?

You need to fill out the form to enroll yourself to this program.

Colleges can also fill the form.

Provide a proper valid email id for us to send the online course links and access to Open Mentor portal.

FUll Stack Dev Course TopicsSOFTWARE TESTING TOPICSENROLLment - closedJoin FullStck Dev - Live Session CLOSED
Join Software Testng Live Session Closed
Join DB and OS Live Session Closed
Join Soft skills Live Session Closed



The quiz will be OPEN ONLY BETWEEN

1am and 1pm.

NO MCQ FROM 15-APR-2023.

After 1pm, you will not be able to submit your answers.

All must attend OS/DB and Analytical Reasoning tests. Based on your option, you can attend Full stack dev test or software testing test.

MCQ - FUll stack dev - no test this weekMCQ - testing - No test this weekMCQ - Analytical Reasoning - no test this weekMCQ - Soft skills - No test this weekMCQ - OS and DB - no test this week

Fill the form and submit - REGISTRATION CLOSED.

We will contact you and provide the classroom details to join and attend.

Daily Classes

Follow the time table

Join our online classes. Development and Testing streams will have a separate meeting links to attend. Common sessions will have a common link, for both streams.

Listen to recordings

We provide recordings as well

In case you are not able to attend the classes, we will provide you recorded content links. However, nothing can replace attending a live session.