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Frequently Asked Questions.

We are here to clear every tiny doubt you have.

Why are you giving lots and lots of free courses?

We believe that money should not be the blocking factor for millions of students, to learn something new. There are generous donors in this great world who support our initiatives. With that we help a lot of people who can't afford quality education.

Do you conduct live sessions?

Yes. We do on a daily basis. Pls check our courses page for more details on live online sessions.

What is the past experience of your teachers?

We have people who have experienced in the industry; we believe that people who practiced the subject must teach. We have highly qualified academia team members who have taught school subjects for 1000s of school kids.

How do you conduct online classes?

We use Zoom, Microsoft Meetings and Google Meet. Zoom is our preferred tool.

Do you offer courses for a fee?

We conduct niche courses for a voluntary donation and not for a fee. We are happy to get contributions/donations from those who can afford to donate. All such proceeds go to educating poor students for free.