VBScript 1 Introduction - Comment, Inputbox, Msgbox

VBScript 2 Arithmetic operations - Basic arithmetic operations, built-in math functions

VBScript 3 Strings - String operations

VBScript 4 Dates - Date functions, date arithmetic

VBScript 5 Control structure - If then else, else if, select case

VBScript 6 Loops - For next, while wend, do loop while, do loop until

VBScript 7 Arrays - Static arrays, dynamic arrays, split function

VBScript 8 Subroutines Functions - Subroutines, Functions, byval parameters

VBScript 9 File handling - File system object, read, write, append

VBScript 10 Excel handling - Open and read data from excel sheet

VBScript 11 Database handling - Connect to database, execute select or insert queries, fetch records