Test Automation - SilkTest


Part 1 - Basic Recording Replay

Create a simple project, record a new script, run the same

Part 2 - Window definitions

Identify window and elements thru various properties

Part 3 - 4Test Language

4test language variables, for loop, print, list processing

Part 4 - 4Test conditions

4Test language - If conditions, view results

Part 5 - 4Test controls

While loop, switch case, sleep command

Part 6 - 4Test String Functions, Random

String manipulation commands, randomization options

Part 7 - Arrays

Arrays handling, exception handling

Part 8 - Date functions

Date functions, SYS functions

Part 9 - Window Titles

Changing window titles, regular expression

Part 10 - Data driven Test

Data driven test, introduction to verification points

Part 11 - Get commands

Get Properties of objects in script

Part 12 - LogError

Get properties, compare to expected result, based on that log error

Part 13 - Browsers

Handling and recording on browsers