Software Basics


You will learn the very basics of software.

Part 1. Parts of Computer.

Foundation to computers & software. Analogy between human parts and computers.

Part 2. Early Evolution of Computers.

Abacus, Cog wheels, clock, more parts of computers.

Part 3. Input Output devices

Punched cards, tapes, input output devices.

Part 4 Improvements on computer evolution

How storage capacity, speed and processing power have changed over time

Part 5 Evolution of programming languages

Basics of machine, assembly and high level languages

Part 6 Softwares used in daily life

The set of software that run in your computer that you use on a daily basis

Part 7 Latest developments

How hardware changes has lead to a revolution in software - from mainframe to tablets

Part 8 People and core concepts

The set of people involved in software projects, list of core concepts in software

Part 9 Binary Hexadecimal numbers

Number systems - decimal, binary, octal, hexa decimal

Part 10 Algorithm

What is algorithm? The building block of software programming

Part 11 Flowcharts

Pictorial representation of algorithms