SoapUI Part 1 Intro

What is WebService?, Need for Web Service? Complexities involved


How Web Service Works?, What is WSDL?, What is REST?

SoapUI Part 3 WS and Eclipse

Creating a WS using Eclipse, Requirements for creating a WS

SoapUI Part 4 Installation

Recap, Components of WS, Intro to SOAPUI, Installation

SoapUI Part 5 Project

SOAPUI setup, First Project in SOAPUI, Testsuite Creation

SoapUI Part 6 Test Suite

TestSuite Structure, Supplying test inputs, Intro to SOAP protocol

SoapUI Part 7 Messages

SOAP message elements, SOAP request and response structure, QA

SoapUI Part 8 Execution

Creation of workspace, Recap of test case creation, Testsuite creation, Execution with parameters

SoapUI Part 9 Assertions

What is assertion?, How to add assertions?, Viewing results, XML tags explanation

SoapUI Part 10 Wildcards

Usage of wildcards in assertions

SoapUI Part 11 XML and SOAP

XML - Tags, Syntax, Role of XML in SOAP messages, Understanding XML components of SOAP messages

SoapUI Part 12 Xpath

Namespaces in Xpath, Xpath Assertion using exists ,Xpath using Regular Expressions

SoapUI Part 13 SOA Intro

Introduction to SOA, SOA benefits, SOA components

SoapUI Part 14 SOA Model and Architecture

Test Model for SOA, SOA Test Methodology , How to test a WS, SOA Architecture sample diagram