QAMonitor - Test and Task Management Tool


QAMonitor 1 - End to End Test Management Tool Introduction

QAMonitor features, benefits, create project, assign users to project.

QAMonitor 2 - Users Groups and Access Rights

Assign users to project, assign user groups to project users, set access rights for user groups.

QAMonitor 3 - Manage Requirements

Manage requirements version, add requirements, import requirements.

QAMonitor 4 - Manage Test Cases

Manage modules, add test cases, import test cases from excel sheet, manage test case versions.

QAMonitor 5 - Traceability

Organize test cases, manage bi-directional traceability between requirements and test cases.

QAMonitor 6 - Test Execution

Manage test rounds, assign test cases, log test results for each test case.

QAMonitor 8 - Bug History

How developers and testers provide details, resolutions, status code for each bug. View bug history.

QAMonitor 9 - Task Management

Create tasks, sub tasks, update status, provide actual effort thru timesheet.

QAMonitor 10 - Kanban Cards

Create boards, create Kanban cards. Move cards across different status codes. Comment and share on cards.

QAMonitor 11 - UI Customization

Change labels of existing fields, hide field, make a field mandatory, add new fields on the fly.