Prose - Empowered Women Navigating the World

Part 1 - Explanation of prose - Empowered Women Navigating the World
Part 2 - Explanation of Idioms, phrases, phrasal verbs

Part 3 - Explanation of Simple Present Tense, Present Continuous Tense, Simple Perfect Tense, Perfect Continuous Tense

Part 4 - Explanation of Past Tense, Past Continuous Tense, Past Perfect, Past Perfect Continuous

Part 5 - Explanation of various forms of Future Tenses -Simple Future, Future Continuous, Future Perfect, Future Perfect Continuous tense

Part 6 - Discussion of 1 Mark , 2 Marks and 5 Marks Questions From Antonyms, Synonyms, Tenses

Part 7 - Letter writing - Explanation of types of letters and how to write a formal letter under different situations, Cue words to remember headers while writing a letter