Part 1 - Object Oriented Programming Concepts - Object oriented program concepts, Difference between procedural and object oriented languages, your first Java program
Part 2 - Data Types - Data types and size, hex decimal and binary values, initialize variables, unicode characters
Part 3 - Arithmetic operations - Arithmetic operations, pre and post increment and decrement
Part 4 - Bitwise operations - Bitwise and, or, complement, left shift and right shift
Part 5 - Arrays - Declare and initialize arrays, access elements
Part 6 - Strings - Learn string manipulation commands
Part 7 - Control Statements - Relational expressions, logical expressions, if then else, if else if
Part 8 - Switch and Loops - Switch case, for loop, while loop, do while loop, break statement
Part 9 - Classes and Methods - Class declaration, methods declarations, call methods within class, instantiate class, public and private methods
Part 10 - Attributes and Constructors - Attributes of class, constructors, public and private attributes
Part 11 - Inner and Local classes - Outer class, inner class, local classes
Part 12 - Method overloading and Inheritance - Overload methods, inheritance, parent class child class
Part 13 - Packages - Packages, qualifying classes with package names, compiling with packages