COBOL 1 Introduction Divisions Accept Display

Introduction to COBOL. The 4 divisions of the program. Basic input and output. Use of IDE Cobol.

COBOL 2 Identification and Environment Divisions

Components of the first 2 divisions, A margin, B margin, comments

COBOL 3 Simple variables

77 level, picture clause, accept data from user, numeric and alpha numeric types

COBOL 4 Arithmetic Operations

Add, Subtract, Multiply, Divide, Compute verbs

COBOL 5 Move and IF

Move values, if conditions and branching

COBOL 6 Sign and Decimals

Using sign and decimal places in numeric variables. Implicit and explicit decimal points

COBOL 7 Zero suppression

Suppress leading zeroes using Z and - clauses, Value clause

COBOL 8 Perform and Loops

Modular program using Perform, Loop using perform statement

COBOL 9 Perform Thru and Until

Loop until a condition becomes true, execute many paras, global variables

COBOL 10 Arrays and Records

Arrays, Occurs, Record levels, element qualification using OF